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Body Reset System

Brenda Shaeffer, PT, DPT

Creator of the Body Reset System


I’m Dr. Brenda Shaeffer, and I am glad you have found the Body Reset System. This is a virtual classroom: a tool you will use for optimal health for a lifetime. Through the videos and articles within the Body Reset System, you will learn how to assess your body, and to rethink the cause of repeating pain issues so that you can become self-reliant and confident in the technique of resetting your body! 

I created this teaching tool in response to my patients and referral sources looking for a resource to help them beyond the traditional office visit. I have been a practicing physical therapist since 1978. I believe that our industry has become trapped in techniques that are not working for patients instead of realizing that the body itself is actually built for survival and natural regeneration.

The Body Reset System will give you a way to actually look inside the structure of your body, take account of the problems you’re having and pain issues that you’re experiencing, and then systematically understand how to assess those problems. No matter if your issue is chronic poor posture or an acute injury, the system is the same! Through a variety of resources and learning tools, from video segments and podcasts to an “ask the expert” series, you will learn how to address and change the most predictable and preventable pain issues. You will become adept at how to use balance, mobility and movement patterns by following the video notes to reset your body so that it works in the way it was designed to. Correct form will in turn allow your body to move without pain and give you the opportunity to work more productively and engage more efficiently in both sport and daily activities. 

The Body Reset System was designed for people of any age and stage of life. Are you ready to find out how to become confident and competent in taking control of your health for a lifetime? Get started on the Body Reset System today!


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