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You do not have to live your life in pain. Whether you're looking to improve in your sport, increase work performance, or play with your kids without pain symptoms, the Body Reset System™ can help.

The Body Reset System™ takes the method first introduced in my book, Aligned for Success, and brings it to life with real-life situations including those involving work and sport.

Subscribers of the Body Reset System™ have exclusive access to a library of videos demonstrating step-by-step how to reach the best possible alignment in basic exercises and real-life scenarios such as sitting in a chair, climbing a ladder, or driving your car. New videos will be offered frequently. These videos can be viewed and practiced on your own time, in your own home, and for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching, training, or physical therapy sessions.


I am Brenda Shaeffer, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the creator of the Body Reset System. I have been practicing for over forty years and have developed a method and opportunities to help solve and improve the most common and most complex pain, movement and performance issues people struggle with in everyday, athletic and work activities.

I developed the Body Reset System, to provide practice videos for people to learn from and to apply to reset their body to reduce pain and have improved performance in everyday activities, work and sports. Over the years, my patients asked me to "tell" or "show" them what to do and too often it led to me telling or showing why and how an exercise was inadequate. Finally after writing my book, Aligned for Success, released in January 2019, I was able to develop a platform of education which developed into the Body Reset System. The system begins with the basic principles and skills and then builds to finding and applying body "geography" to then learning how to transform the way you can sit, stand and move in work, play and sport. You will find with this revolutionary approach that you will finally stop repeating injury, advance in performance and gain confidence in trying new activities. This is because you will understand how to translate how your body moves and how to control that movement safely from one type of activity to another and become more self reliant.

The Body Reset System is simple, easy to use and can be completed on your own for a fraction of the cost of a physical therapy session.The Body Reset System addresses the three most common reported areas of pain: Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder, and Knee and also the most usual positions or movements that cause pain in these area while performing work, sport or everyday activities. Each video shows how to reset your body to avoid the issue by using my three step method. The instructions are easy to follow and this initial Body Reset System offering includes over 20 different activities! More instructional videos will be added regularly for subscribers to continue to learn more.
Dr. Brenda Shaeffer

Enroll now to get the special report so you can where common pain is coming from and what you can do about it to stop pain in your lower back, knees, neck and shoulder without pills, surgery or expensive equipment.
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Subscribers of the Foundations video series have access to over 20 instructional videos addressing basic exercises and real-life scenarios including common complaints in work, sport, and every day activities.
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We are working towards the release of the next video sequences in the Body Reset System! 

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