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Body Reset System


You do not have to live your life in pain.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, struggling with poor sports performance or stagnant work productivity, or simply looking to improve your physical wellbeing by learning optimal movement patterns in daily activity, the Body Reset System™ can help. 

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Activities of Daily Living

When driving, sitting, standing, or walking down the stairs, your body is integrating movement patterns that will either help or hurt your basic body alignment. The Body Reset System will teach you how to make small adjustments to improve your pain symptoms and prevent injuries in everyday life.

Sport Performance

Both competitive athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts often feel that they are not performing at their optimum level. One of the biggest factors in a performance plateau is simply a person’s limited ability to use their body in the way it is best designed. The Body Reset System will break down activity-specific movements that can help you break through the mobility barriers keeping you from reaching your goals.

Work Performance

Most people know that sitting at a desk all day is bad for their health. What you may not know is that making small changes in your body can improve circulation and reduce the chance of the repetitive injuries caused by poor posture and workplace movement restrictions. A healthier body increases performance, concentration and productivity!

Your own body is the ONLY piece of equipment that you own, control, and can adjust. You have all the tools. By committing to practice and implement the exercises found in this system, you have the ability to attain and maintain your optimal body health for life.



Stop and listen to what your body is telling you. Pain is an indicator that something is not right in the way you are moving, whether in sport or in daily activity. How does your current state of pain affect all systems of the body? You are capable of body health!


Learn the movement patterns that are causing you pain and keeping your body from engaging in movement in the way it was designed to. Through the guided videos, you will begin to recognize when you are impeding your body's ability to move properly.


This system is not a quick fix! Success requires a commitment to realistic personal assessment, goal setting, and practice. With patience and consistency, you will have the tools to restore your body to optimum physical health at any age or stage of life.

"Dr. Shaeffer quickly and safely taught me the necessary changes I needed to make in my physical alignment, and how to maintain it to become pain free without any invasive surgeries!"

Carin Gabarra
Head Soccer Coach, US Naval Academy

How can the Body Reset System help you?

Pain is a signal from your brain that something is not right in the way you are moving your body. Our system will give you the tools you need to assess and correct these faulty movement patterns to restore optimal body health and ability.

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